Backstage Leadership

    My favorite moment of Mega Camp happened back stage. Mega Camp is one of two very large annual events put on by Keller Williams Real Estate. It’s held in Austin, TX every August and September. Approximately 10,000 real estate agents and industry professionals get together to learn about best practices and trends in real estate. I was honored to be on stage this year to talk about Radio via Vija with the chairman of the company, Gary Keller. I joined two colleagues on the panel, Josh Anderson and Keven Stirdivant.

    We were standing behind a curtain behind the stage waiting for the audience to come back from break so we could get introduced to go on. We could see the crowd of 10,000 or so people streaming in to get their seats. Keven had his son standing next to him back stage and it was almost time to go on. I saw him lead his son to the curtain opening, stand behind him, point him out into the audience, pause and whisper in his ear. I don’t know what he said to him, but what I saw was a young boy who was in awe of the hugeness of the space, and in awe that his dad was about to go on stage in front of all those people. I could see his immense pride for his dad in that moment. His son got shuttled to the backstage area and we went on a few minutes after that.

    Keven Sturdivant and son at mega amp 2015

    I thought it was really cool and special that Keven shared this moment with his son. It’s one thing to tell our kids to dream big and to tell them to pursue those dreams, whatever they are: A librarian, a nurse, a rock star, or a real estate leader. It’s another thing to physically and tangibly show them what they can aspire to in acts like this. I’m sure it will leave a permanent imprint on his son. Keven tells me his son now wants to run the company! It also made me think that I should be bringing my kids into the celebrations of my business world accomplishments more often.

    You know when we become the teacher, we learn the biggest lessons.

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