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    Exterior view of Vija Williams luxury real estate listing in the Seattle area of Fall City.
    Exterior view of Vija Williams luxury real estate listing in the Seattle area of Fall City.


    We did our first marketing video using professional actors and drone videography last week. In fact, it’s our third official listing video this year because we designated 2014 the year of video on the Vija Team. Video is nothing new, nor is real estate video marketing. That said, it took me until last year to jump on the video bandwagon. I needed to be absolutely compelled that video would actually benefit my sellers. Over the past year I saw what I needed to see. Every class or seminar I went to seemed to have increasing statistics and analytics about online video viewership, SEO benefits, and consumer online response. I could no longer ignore it. The question was, how to do it?

    Actors. I know that my team and I are excellent at selling houses and representing buyers. I know that takes 100% focus and hard work to do that on a daily basis. I also know that I am not about to put that focus into producing video, and that someone out there is likely doing it. I started the search and used a few different vendors for a few different properties. Then I found one. This crew is so clearly dedicated and passionate about what they do that they have pushed the bar to an amazingly high level. I knew they were the production company for me because that is how we practice real estate. I saw a video they shot using professional actors and I was hooked. I know that buyers like to visualize themselves living in a property and what better way to show that than with actors in the actual listing? Amazing.

    Drones. When I visited this particular property for the first time, I had just viewed a video of an estate using a drone. It was a hybrid of aerial photography and on-ground videography. Lower than a helicopter but higher than a regular video. It was nothing short of phenomenal and I wanted to do that for a seller. The right seller. Drones are strangely controversial in this context. They shouldn’t be. They are merely remote control copters that take good real estate imagery. We are not discussing military drones, or the drones that Amazon.com wants to send around Seattle to deliver packages. These are specifically for real estate marketing and no audio is used. Here in the greater Seattle area in Washington State, we have high rise condos in downtown Seattle and Bellevue, townhomes throughout the city of Seattle and the eastside communities of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, single family suburban homes, and rural estates, which tend to be in Woodinville, Redmond, Carnation, and Fall City (in the eastside). Our landscape is greatly varied: we have waterfront, valley view, mountain view, golf course, and acreage property. We have rural unplatted and subdivisions. It seems obvious therefore that each property is unique and has unique marketing needs. Drones are perfect for acreage, waterfront, golf course and other settings where your video camera can’t capture the entire scene.

    I met with the sellers of this listing and immediately knew that I wanted to use drone videography for this property. It was perfect. Since then I have one other upcoming listing that I will use the drone on, and I’m sure more will come.

    The video turned out absolutely outstanding: the best marketing tool I have ever produced for a listing in my 12 years in real estate. It has received raving reviews, and I am it’s biggest raver. I hope you enjoy it. And more importantly, I hope you continue watching our videos as we produce them and give us your feedback and let us know if any of them are compelling enough for you to come visit one of our listings, or to have us talk to you about marketing your home for sale.

    See the listing here: http://www.vijacentral.com/homes/29236-SE-5th-St/Fall-City/WA/98024/38619237/

    The Vija Team and Vija Williams are the best realtors in Kirkland and the Seattle Eastside! Call Vija Williams at 425-998-8452. Don’t you deserve the best Realtor in Kirkland?  In all of Seattle?

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